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  • PsyBru

    Laravel, TypeScript, Google Maps

    PsyBru is a one-click platform for finding a psychologist in the Brussels region.

    Typi Design was in charge of the complete development of the platform, from the CMS to the map and the filters.

  • Domaine du Château de Seneffe

    Laravel, Vue.js

    The Seneffe Estate consists of a neo-classical castle built in the 18th century.

    Typi Design has developed for the second time the website and the content management system. This redesign was done in collaboration with Tilt Factory.

    Domaine du Château de Seneffe
  • Setesco

    Laravel, Vue.js, Google Maps

    Setesco is an engineering office specialising in structural stability. It is active in all areas related to the structures of buildings, engineering structures and civil engineering.

    Typi Design has developed the website and the content management system in collaboration with Tilt Factory.

  • The Brussels Planetarium

    Thanks to a unique dome in Brussels, sitting in your armchair, enjoy a 360° representation of the starry sky. Created in 1935, the Brussels Planetarium is a Belgian federal scientific institution.

    Typi developed the new website. Design by Laurent Nyssen.

    The Brussels Planetarium

    Statamic, Laravel, GSAP

    PRISME is a webzine created within the Université Libre de Bruxelles and whose idea was born in 2020, a year which showed the importance of the scientific word, facing a complex stake, the pandemic.

    Typi Design created the graphic charter of the webzine and ensured the development of the website.

  • NetZeroWorx

    Nuxt.js, GSAP, Netlify, Netlify CMS.

    NetZeroWorx is dedicated to develop, build and operate sustainable renewable hydrogen projects.

    Based on an idea from Tilt Factory, Typi developed the immersive experience and animations of the project.

  • René Carcan

    Laravel, Paypal

    The René Carcan International Prize for Printmaking is a competition with four prizes.

    In collaboration with Tilt Factory, Typi has developed the website, the interface to enter the competition and the voting platform.

    René Carcan
  • microStart

    Laravel, Vue.js, JavaScript

    Leading institution in Belgium, microStart provides advice and grants credits to entrepreneurs who do not have access to financing.

    Typi Design took care of the development of the CMS and the HTML, CSS and JavaScript part. Visual identity by Federate.

  • Clean Bus Europe Platform

    Laravel, Google Maps

    The Clean Bus Europe Platform is an initiative under the European Commission's Clean Bus Deployment Initiative that aims to support the deployment of clean bus technologies across Europe.

    Clean Bus Europe Platform
  • if@ULB

    Laravel, Vue.js

    IF@ULB, is a European postdoctoral programme open to international postdoctoral researchers in all fields of research. Typi created the website and the candidate evaluation platform.

  • Jourdain Architectes Associés

    Laravel, AngularJS

    Jourdain Architectes Associés approaches architecture through both public and private projects. The programmes include a sporting, cultural, social and tertiary dimension in their public practice. Typi Design designed and developed the office’s new website.

    Jourdain Architectes Associés
  • Lyrco

    Laravel, AngularJS
  • Red Cross EU Office

    Laravel, Vue.js
    Red Cross EU Office
  • Coudenberg Palace

    Laravel, AngularJS
    Coudenberg Palace
  • Herpain Entreprise

    Laravel, Vue.js
    Herpain Entreprise
  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

    Typi Design designed and developed the new website of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. This is our first site to be awarded the AnySurfer label. "AnySurfer's mission is to make websites and electronic documents accessible to a wider range of people, including those requiring computer-based help with reading websites."

    Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
  • Belgian Comic Strip Center

    An accomplished attraction located in the heart of Brussels, the Comics Art Museum has been honouring the creators and heroes of the 9th Art for 30 years. Typi Design created the graphic design and development of the website.

    Belgian Comic Strip Center